Tri-C Wood Products is a highly regarded manufacturer of American-made, quality wood furniture components, millwork, moldings and specialty items.

The shape of the American wood component manufacturing market has changed dramatically with the rise of import products. While many companies have adopted the “if you can’t beat them, join them” philosophy to survive, Tri-C Wood Products has focused on opportunities to serve those companies who desire a manufacturing partner who can respond in a timely manner, give consistent, fair pricing and is innovative in its approach to product design.

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A business that subscribes to traditional, conservative values – Tri-C is highly ethical in all business transactions, fair and honest. The company’s integrity is evident in its products as well as its relationships.

Tri-C believes in creating long-term business relationships that add value to their client’s company through an open exchange of ideas and opportunities.

For more than forty years the company has produced wooden bodies for the leading toy wagon manufacturer in the world. Tri-C has also manufactured a number of furniture lines for respected firms.

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