Tri-C Wood is a second generation, family owned business. Tri-C Wood Products, Inc. was incorporated in the state of Mississippi in 1975, but the history of woodworking managed by the Cleveland family in Union dates back much farther.

After a tour of service to his country during World War II, W.A. (Ancle) Cleveland, returned to his hometown to resume his civilian life. Following two years of trade school, he entered the woodworking industry by making window and door components. His brother Ruben joined him in 1946, and together their business began to grow. During the 1950’s they bought and expanded a building in Union that still stands.

In the mid 1960’s the two brothers decided to sell the business to MPI. Ancle stayed on to manage the plant, which was later sold to DeSoto Furniture. As DeSoto Furniture grew, DeSoto made a strategic decision to leave the children’s toy business. Ancle seized on the opportunity to start a new business of his own to maintain the relationship that he had built with Radio Flyer. In 1975, he again teamed with his brother and a third partner, Bill Cassell, and thus Tri-C Wood Products was formed.

As the years have progressed, the legacy of Tri-C has been passed on to Ancle’s three sons, Harold, Ricky, and Bobby. Tri-C has diversified to produce furniture components, various novelty items, point-of-purchase displays, architectural moldings and flooring. Tri-C has produced many styles of complete beds and daybeds on a contract basis for several leading furniture manufacturers and wholesalers. Also Tri-C has produced a variety of wooden frame chairs for the hospitality market.

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Cleveland Industries, as the business was later known, continued to grow and moved to new facilities in 1960. In 1961, the Cleveland brothers were introduced to the Pasin family of Radio Flyer, the leading children’s toy wagon manufacturer in the world. Ruben Cleveland implemented innovative manufacturing ideas in the wagon manufacturing that gave the company a competitive advantage that paved the way for a business relationship that continues until today.
Tri-C takes pride in supplying products that are manufactured in the USA, and in establishing long-term relationships with its customers. Let us be a part of your future.